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Garbage & Compost

The campground rules state that guests must pack out what they pack in. This is largely because I offer a free composting service, and there is no garbage dump close by. Nevertheless there is a garbage can, along with recycling bins, in the community building, and composting buckets are provided for any organic wastes. I […]

Right now – July 26 2023

There has been very little smoke and there are no wildfires near here at this time. As this is a dry pine forest, this campground has far fewer mosquitoes (virtually none) than other areas of the valley. The campground is green and has been running smoothly with great guests who have virtually all expressed that […]

Things to do

in the Slocan Valley The Slocan Valley offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the top things to do: in Nelson, BC

Whats on Weekly

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