people inside the community building
aerial view of valhalla pines
the trees are the best amenity

  • WIFI, water, power
  • flush toilet, sink and shower
  • shared community building with fridge stove and sink (subject to any covid laws that may apply)
  • rain sheltered picnic table area
  • picnic tables and hammocks
    hand soap, toilet paper
  • there are 3 shared fire pits
    (fires subject to Campground Rules, you may have a fire if there is no fire ban and you either bring your own wood or buy some here)
  • maps and recommendations
  • parking
  • composting and recycling
  • ask if you need anything

Guest using shared amenities must follow our Covid-19 Safety Measures.

The following are available for an extra fee.

  • bicycles (subject to availability)
  • guided hike or bike
  • hotplate
  • ice
  • pillow, blanket and a set of sheets
  • tent
  • towels
  • transportation

There is no sani-dump here.

bbq area
barbecue area
Group of kids with mom sitting by the fire
kids with mom
community building

shared community building
new bathrooms are at the back

dry toilet with sawdust

dry toilets too