Terms & Conditions

Campground Rules & Information
see House Rules for rooms in the Guest House

Check-in time is 2 pm – 9 pm.
Check-out time is noon.
Quiet time is from 10 pm to 7 am.

Refund Policy
Covid-19 Safety
Emergency Contacts
Use of telephone for emergencies
Use of Property
Smoking, Fires and Storms
Community Building and Shared Facilities

Food and Compost
Garbage and Recycling
Dry Toilets

Refund Policy

  1. Free cancellation until 14 days before check-in (time shown in the confirmation email). If booked less than 14 days before check-in, free cancellation for 48 hours after booking, and up to 48 hours before check-in.
  2. After that, guests can cancel up to 48 hours before check-in and get a refund of the nightly rate, taxes and the cleaning fee, but not the service fee.
  3. If the guest cancels less than 48 hours before check-in, the first night is non-refundable.
  4. If the guest arrives and decides to leave early, any refund is at the discretion of the owner.

Covid-19 Safety Measures:
Guests must comply with the following Covid-19 safety measures:

  • Guests are expected to respect the community building and guesthouse closures and to follow the physical distancing requirements of 2m with other guests.
  • Guests should bring their own hand sanitizer and are asked to practice appropriate hygiene.  If you are sick, please visit another time.
  • Guests also need to take personal responsibility for their own safety, refraining from touching surfaces unnecessarily and washing hands or using hand sanitizer frequently.

Emergency Contacts
The nearest landline telephone is in the main house and may be used for emergencies. There is a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall outside the community building.
Emergency services – Dial 911
Report a Fire – Dial 1-800-663-5555
Kootenay Lake Hospital is open 24 hours a day at 250-352-3111, 3 View Street, Nelson BC V1L2V1
Slocan Valley Medical Clinic, 250-226-7111, 3120 Slocan Park Road, Slocan Park, V9G2E0

In return for permission to use the campground located at 4011 Barbados Road, the guest booking a reservation on this website, and all the members of his(her) camping group(they), agrees as follows:

  • Assumption of Risk: I (and they) assume all risks of injury, sickness, death or property damages resulting from our use of the campground facilities.
  • Release: I (and they) release and discharge the Indemnified Parties from all claims that we may have against them for injury, death or property damages resulting from our use of the campground.
  • Hold harmless: I (and they) will hold the Indemnified Parties harmless from, and indemnify the Indemnified Parties for, any claims for injury, death, or property damages resulting from our use of the campground.
  • Effect of the Indemnified Parties Negligence: This Agreement will apply even if the injury, death or damages result from any Indemnified Parties’ negligence, passive or active, including gross negligence.

“Indemnified Parties” means:    Thomas Smith, of 4011 Barbados Road, Winlaw, BC, V0G2J0

“campground” means the entire property, including but not limited to, the house, buildings, shower facilities, playground, trees and utilities located on the property.

“use of the campground” means all activities involving the campground and facilities during the period of the reservation of the guest and members of his(her) camping group to use the campground facilities, and in getting to and departing from the site.

Guests are responsible for their kids at all times. Do not let kids climb up onto any roofs. Please ask your host for a safety orientation if you have any questions or concerns.

Use of telephone for emergencies
There is a landline telephone in the Guesthouse. Please get permission to use it from the host before entering the Guesthouse. If you are making a long distance call, you will need a calling card. Telus cards work the best. You can purchase these at the Winlaw or Slocan Park gas stations or post offices. Please note that if you use the 411 or *69 services, charges will apply.

Use of property
Pack it in, pack it out. Leave no trace.
Property use is limited to the number of people listed in the initial booking. Guests may not invite visitors to the property without approval of the host in advance. Competitive, commercial or group use requires permission. Unless yo have booked a room in the house, access to the house or the fenced area is not included. Please respect the peace and quiet of others. Keep noise to a minimum at all times. Power generators may not be used in the campground. Do not drive over vegetation. ATV use on the property is prohibited. Keep roads clear. Do not empty your holding tank. Always keep gates and doors closed, to keep dogs in and deer out. Please be mindful of all people and things living here. Please respect other guests space and property. Do not damage property or build long term structures. Do not discharge firearms, bows, crossbows or set traps. Keep the grounds clean and natural and return your site to its native condition before leaving. Please put things back where you found them. No damaging trees, plants, lawns cars, buildings or equipment. If you damage something because you were rough with it, you will be responsible for it. If you have an issue with something, please give us the opportunity to rectify it. Please be responsible and courteous to the others staying here and especially our neighbors. Stay on the property and do not leave other than via the driveway. Please don’t enter our neighbors property. The property boundaries are marked with flagging tape. If you are unsure where the property lines are, please ask

The WIFI code will be supplied to you when you arrive. Depending on what time of year you visit (summer or winter), we have a download speed of 10 or 15 Mbps, an upload speed of 3 or 5 Mbps with a data transfer limit of of between 350 or 500 GB/month. Please inquire in advance if this is important to you. This service is shared simultaneously with all guests, so if there are numerous other guests onsite, please limit your use with respect to large file sharing, streaming, online gaming or “parking” on it for hours at a time.

SmokingFires and Storms
Firewood is available for purchase. Smoking is allowed outside only. All buildings on this property are smoke and incense free. If you smoke outside, close doors and windows, so the smoke doesn’t come back in! Consider your neighbors and future guests. Some people are very allergic. Please use the ashtray in the shelter, and dispose of butts in the tin cans provided in the shelter. Extinguish all smoking material in a safe manner, and do not throw butts on the ground. In times of high fire hazard, please be very careful with sparks, and we will appreciate it if you don’t smoke at all near the forested areas. If there is a fire ban on, no fires allowed. We are on a well, so if the power goes out, the water shuts off. If there is an electrical storm, unplug all electrical appliances (computers, TV, lights, etc.) to prevent damage from a surge when the power comes back on.

Shared Amenities
Reasonable use of the shared amenities is free for guests. Always have an adult present when small children are in there. Exclusive use may be possible for an extra fee if requested in advance. Reasonable use of kitchen supplies and appliances is okay as long as they are cleaned. Clean dishes immediately after use and place them in the rack to dry. Please recognize that we are on a septic system and be mindful of what goes down the sink. Do not put toxic substances down the sink. Please store all food in mice proof containers or in the rubber-maid bins provided. We do not have a problem with mice, but we also do not want to create one. Use the garbage or compost bin for any solid wastes (see below). Please leave the community building, kitchen and common areas clean. Reasonable use of the outdoor shower is free for guests. Do not use towels to mop things up off the floor, or wash your car etc. When you need fresh towels, let us know. We are trying to be as green as possible, so please hang the dish towels and rags to dry and reuse them more than once.


  • There is a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall of the community building.
  • To avoid a fire, never leave the wood stove unattended with the door open.
  • Note where the damper is on the woodstove. Open the damper to light as it brings in the most oxygen. Close it after about 10 minutes to slow burn the wood. When there are already a couple of inches of hot coals inside the stove, do not cram it full of wood and leave the damper open. The stove will get too hot. If you feel the need to add wood onto hot coals, just add one piece of wood at a time, and remember to close the damper.
  • When the woodstove is hot, cook on it to save electricity, and keep a pot or kettle on it filled with water for ready use.
  • To avoid a fire, hang clothes at least 2 feet away from the woodstove. Hang clothes to dry as much as possible.
  • Use the iron poker to remove the firestone blocking the hole to the ashbox. Ask the host to demostrate.

Food and Compost
Be Bear Aware – All food must be kept in cars, in the community building or cached up a tree with rope. Leave compost materials (fruit and vegetable waste, coffee grounds and filter, egg shells, pits, etc.) in the bowl in the fridge that is in the community building. Do not put labels or plastic in the compost (minimum fine $1 million).

Garbage and Recycling
As much as possible, if you pack it in, please pack it out. Garbage (not compost or recyclables) may be disposed of in the large garbage can in the community building. Throw recyclables (paper, cans, bottles, cardboard, clean plastic with the triangle on it) into the blue receptacle in the community building.

Dry Toilets
There are two dry (composting) toilet buildings with bucket toilets. Cover the excreta in the bucket with the sawdust provided after every use. Do not put anything in the bucket except excreta, urine, toilet paper and sawdust. If the bucket gets full, replace it with an empty one provided.

Please remember to turn off any lights or appliances that are not being used. Please be energy conscious. Thanks! If there is an electrical storm, unplug all electrical appliances (computers, TV, lights, etc.) to prevent damage from a surge when the power comes back on. We are on a well, so if the power goes out, the pump stops working. Do not use water during a power outage, or the pump switch will need to be reset before the water will come back on.