Extra Guests Fee

Add any extra guests beyond the limits noted in the listing description


$12 / Per Day / Per Guest

Pet Policy – $5/day/pet

Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like to being a pet and add the pet service fee to your booking. We are limiting the number of dogs allowed here and are not accepting guard dogs breeds of any kind including but not limited to German Shepard, Doberman, Rottweiler, Bull Mastiff, Schnauzer, Boxer, Bull Terrier, etc.

There is wildlife here. Your pet must be under control at all times, and never left alone. There are neighbourhood dogs and wildlife that are attracted when there are pets here and there is additional work to clean up after them.

All dog poop must be picked up on our property or on the side of the road in this neighbourhood. Do not let your pet dig holes or chase other animals or wildlife. Our neighbours have free run chickens and if they see your dog loose on their property, they have the right to shoot it.

Pick up after your pet with the shovel provided. Do not use plastic bags. Flush the poop down the flush toilet or put it in the designated dog poop bucket and cover it with sawdust.

Do not use our blankets or towels as beds for your animals. Do not allow dogs to bark or howl for periods of time when this will disturb others.

The full pet policy is written in the campground rules.


$5 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

Maps and guidebook

We have local maps showing local attractions, landmarks, bike trails, rivers, waterfalls, parks etc. We have also written a guidebook for you featuring hot springs, beaches, swimming holes, restaurants, hiking trails, bike trails, archaeological sites and restaurants.



Dry Firewood (16 lb)

Dry firewood is available for pre-purchase or may be purchased as long as we have wood available.

The price is for 10 lbs of firewood (approximately 5 pieces)

As it gets hotter and drier, its possible that Provincial fire bans may start as early as late June.

Due to the potential wildfire risk in the heat and dryness of summer, we reserve the right to ban campfires at any time and for any reason. If you pre-purchase firewood, and we issue a fire ban, any money you paid for firewood will be returned.


$10 / Per Instance / Per Accommodation


One chunk of solid ice in a yogurt container.


$2 / Per Instance / Per Accommodation

General labour or whatever

Whether it be me or someone I can connect you with, its quite likely that someone will be able to help you with whatever you need. The rate is negotiable and subject to conditions. Lets talk.


$20 / Per Instance / Per Accommodation

Extra Parking Space

Parking is provided for one vehicle per tent site and one vehicle per RV site (in addition to the RV. If you will need extra parking please check this box for each additional vehicle.and RVs sites can accommodate one extra vehicle in addition to the RV and


$3 / Per Day / Per Accommodation


This service is for one of the scheduled hikes listed on the About Us page. The price is negotiable. You may need to have our own 4 wheel drive vehicle as some of the roads are very rough.

tom hiking in the mountains
tom hiking in the mountains


$20 / Per Instance / Per Guest

Washer and Dryer

The guesthouse is on a basic gravity septic system with limited capacity and as such, guest use of the laundry is limited to one load/3 days.


$6 / Once / Per Accommodation

Landline telephone

There are landline telephone jacks for the Valhalla Pines telephone number in each room. This is the personal and business phone number of the host. You may use this phone only if you can make an arrangement with the host. It may not be available at all times and is available in general only for outgoing calls. The phone number may not be represented as your own.

You may call long distance if you have a calling card, can call collect or if you can make an arrangement with the host, you may be able to use his long distance service.

The host can provide a landline telephone phone on request.